About us

Welcome to chelseacats.co.uk

From the same founder of Chelsea Dogs comes Chelsea Cats. The home of the most luxurious cat accessories that you won’t find on the high street. After much demand for luxury cat accessories from the loyal customers of Chelsea Dogs, it was only right to supply this demand with the best selection of high quality cat accessories available to buy with your fingertips (or claws!)


Alexandra Nash
Founder & CEO

With a background in Forensic Science, Alexandra has dedicated her life to the welfare of animals (don't ask!). Through Chelsea Cats and Chelsea Dogs, she can now help the nation pamper their pets with the best pet accessories available!

Malaz Madani
Marketing Guru

Malaz is a fountain of knowledge! He's always pursuing new marketing ideas and strategies and implementing them on both Chelsea Cats and Chelsea Dogs websites. He's a big animal lover with an extra soft spot for cats and dogs.

Nuria Puertos
Creative Ninja

Fresh from the orange groves of Valencia, Nuria brings her creativity, design and inspiration to Chelsea Cats along with a Tupperware filled with her epic traditional paella that all the cats (and humans) go crazy for!